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Helping people and businesses Improve Performance and Grow Fast

using Intelligent Information Systems and Technology.

We are not another boring technology company.
We are a social business and AWESOMELY DIFFERENT .


What is Social Business and Technology Innovation?
It's where you stand with your feet in Three Worlds -
1. The world of technology
2. The world of people, human purposes, and society
3. The world of Business and Bottom Line Profits
and we work hard to provide solutions connecting all these together. We CONNECT THE DOTS and FILL THE GAPS. We provide Intelligent Information Systems and Technology to help you innovate your 4 core areas and GROW PROFITABLY FAST locally and internationally

Business Innovation

Business innovation starts with studying your business from out of the box (360 Degrees) and implementing frameworks for new business models, ideas, dynamic products, improving your existing services, improving systems, identifying/removing bottlenecks for Growth.

Performance Innovation

Performance innovation starts with studying teams mindset, skillset, goals, systems, processes, procedures, and implementing proven innovative frameworks that improve performance capability and overall growth.

Technology Innovation

Technology innovation starts with improving the present technology focused on the end important goals in mind.

Marketing Innovation

Marketing innovation starts with new market segmentation, 360 degree reach, connecting digital marketing and creating social reach profitably.

Do you want to build a great business?

The difference between a Good Business and a Great Business is how they invest in Innovation, Technology, and Team Performance Growth. It's the same for any type of business from a shoe repair shop to a rocket building company. Today the world needs solutions for GROWTH and that's where we can help you.

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We add muscles to your business, Getting you to do business at the speed of thought improving profits, with automated and standardized business processes and a digitally connected environment. We don’t just build software, its the best software that is carefully built as a usable and useful solution addressing your business problems, business goals and social wellbeing in mind


User friendly approach to business operations.


Emphasizing high quality process and procedures.


Securing data and information as per your needs.


Working within your budget.



You can Improve your business easily - Let us help you

Our dream is to help businesses grow fast. We love what we do and we are specialized in it. We help you connect the dots and fill the gap to GROW FAST. Ask us for a free session

Our Awesome Team

We are an awesome team of multi talented professionals good in our own chosen fields. Our internal and external team members include Online Marketeers, Designers, System Analysts, Programmers, ISO 9000 Consultants, 6 SIGMA BLACK BELT Certified Professionals to streamline business processes. We have strong partners and additional engineers who work as per your project needs.


Managing Director

Mustafa is our Managing Director who has over 5 years of experience in Performance Improvement, 13 years of Technical experience in India, Brunei, Singapore and Malaysia. He was instrumental in the customization of the OS for the hand held devices for National Identification System (MYKAD)Malaysia integrated with Smart Card Reader, Biometric Scanner, GSM & GPRS. He is one of the key persons involved in Customization of Secured Operating Systems for the Hand held Computers used in Hong Kong to read the national smart ID of Hong Kong. He is an Innovative Thinker, researcher and loves dancing.

You can Use Our Awesome Intertantional Team to Grow Your Business



We deliver solutions to leverage your money and minds, Use IZONO and feel the difference


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Know About Us

Shamail Solutions Sdn Bhd was incorporated in the year 2008 in Brunei and have changed name into IZONO SDN BHD

IZONO now under our new Managing Director is a growing BizTech company providing IT solutions and Business consulting to the private, semi government and government sectors, to aid them on upgrading their enterprising and managerial capabilities and implement the government e-projects. With the expertise and network in hand izono has committed to become a dominant player locally. izono has its eye on the global market, with a goal of helping businesses grow globally. Feel free to contact us and have coffee

We are here

izono sdn bhd
Unit 22, 1st Floor, Bgn Warisan PHN
Spg 68, Kg. Delima Satu, BSB BB4713
Brunei Darussalam



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